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Azilal berber carpet black zigzags on sides and neon dots
  • Azilal berber carpet black zigzags on sides and neon dots

Berber carpet from Morocco | 234 x 145cm


Berber carpet from Azilal in Morocco 


This berber carpet is a unique piece. It has a soul. It represents the emotions, the loves, the sorrows of the woman weaver who made it. 

This carpet, which is called Azilal, takes its name from the Azilal region of Morocco, where it was made by hand on a traditional loom. Its motifs represent the moods, loves and sorrows of the weaver at the time of its creation. Once this carpet has been created, the weaver will make another completely different one, depending on her emotions at the time. Each piece is therefore unique.

This berber carpet represents one month of weaving.

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You are in love with this Azilal rug but it is not the right size? Get in touch with custom@them.fr and we will ask one of our berber weaver to weave it for you on your size.

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Azilal carpet with colourful patterns.

Finally a Berber carpet at a fair and sweet price! 

In a search for a better balance, I have rethought the sale of an object that is close to my heart...the Berber carpet.

Regularly during the year, I go to meet Berber weavers, at the source, in small villages of the Middle Atlas in order to find brightly coloured Azilal carpets, Beni Ouarain carpets with graphic shapes, rare Boujad carpets...

By collaborating directly with more than 300 craftsmen and by eliminating intermediaries, I wanted to make Berber carpets affordable, a piece I love so much. An ethical way of working, fairer for the craftsman, you and me. A different way of working. Fascinating. 

For me, meeting the craftsmen is essential when you offer crafts. To know more about their know-how, to learn the symbolism of their creations. Sharing their passion. Knowledge that enriches me and that I can then share with you through THEM.

How to take care to an Azilal wool carpet?

Surprisingly, an Azilal rug is easy to maintain. You have to keep in mind that these pieces full of history are not primarily intended to be a decorative object. Berber women weave them and use them as blankets or rugs for insulation. The exceptional quality of the weaving and the wool allows the Berber carpet to last over time and to age very well. 

If you take good care of it, you can keep it all your life!

To maintain it, vacuum it once a week at the most to avoid damaging the wool. If you can't shake it, turn it over for a few hours once a month and all the dust will fall out. In case of a stain, you should immediately tap it with a cloth soaked in water, often this is enough, it is the Moroccan technique that works wonderfully! If not, add spirit vinegar or Marseille soap. 

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