Small woolen round berber rug white with dots
  • Small woolen round berber rug white with dots

Rond Beni Ouarain Moroccan rug - 158cm of diameter


Berber carpet - Beni Ouarain rug from Morocco

Each coloured or black and white Berber carpet is unique. It has a soul. It represents the emotions, the loves, the sorrows of the weaver woman who made it.

This Béni Ouarain carpet is the result of several days of adventure in my beloved Berber mountains. Each piece is selected one by one. Each Béni Ouarain carpet is bought directly from the artisans with whom I collaborate. Its motifs represent the emotions, the loves, the sorrows of the weaver woman who made it.

More than a month of weaving on a traditional loom was necessary to make this black and white Berber carpet

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You are in love with this Beni Ouarain rug but it is not the right size? Get in touch with and we will ask one of our berber weaver to weave it for you on your size.

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How do you look after a Berber carpet ?

Surprisingly, a Beni Ouarain rug is very easy to look after. You need to remember that this berber carpet with their rich history is not created primarily to be decorative. The Berber women weave them and use them as bed-covers or as insulating wall hangings. The exceptional quality of the weaving and of the wool itself mean that a Berber carpet last a long time and age very well.

If you look after them, they will last you a lifetime!

To maintain a berber carpet, you can just vacuum them regularly, to prevent dust getting embedded in them. If they get a stain, wash it out with a natural soap (such as olive oil soap from Marseille). That is what they do in Morocco and it works wonders!

At last, an affordable berber carpet ! How does THEM manage to offer you a Beni Ouarain carpet for prices between 150 and 490euros ?

Looking for a better balance, I restructured the sales channels of an item that I really care about:

Berber carpet.

Every year, I make several trips to their source, tiny villages in the Middle Atlas mountains, in order to seek out Azilal rugs with their vibrant colours, Béni Ouarain rugs with their graphic designs, some rare Boujad rugs…

By working directly with the local craftsmen and women and cutting out the middlemen, I wanted to make these works of art that I love so much affordable to more people. An ethical approach, which is more equitable for the craftsman, for you and for me.

At THEM, all our Berber carpets come with price tags between EUR 150 and EUR 490.

From the smallest to the largest! No exceptions.

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