How did travel become my job ?

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Passionate about travel and crafts, I decided to make my passions my job.

Colombia, Indonesia, Morocco... I travel to small remote villages in the 4 corners of the world to meet the most talented craftsmen of the country. Baskets woven by indigenous people, vegetable incense with the scent of Amazonian woods, indigo cushions woven in Mali, Berber carpets made in the mountains of Morocco...

For me, the important thing in a decoration object is not only its aesthetics. It is also and especially its history, its symbolism. 

I like to call my finds my "treasures". Each piece is unique. I follow my instinct, my emotions in my selection.

I named my concept THEM. In recognition of THEM, all the artisans with whom she collaborates.

One of THEM's flagship products is the Berber carpet from Morocco, which has been much talked about in the world of decoration for several years.

A fashionable product where prices often tend to soar.

Based on this observation, I have rethought the sale of this handmade object which is dear to my heart.

No purchase on fairs such as Maison et Objets, or even in the Souk of Marrakech where many intermediaries intervened and inflated the price, but a direct collaboration with the craftsmen.

Several times a year, I go to the source, to meet Berber weavers in the mountains of the Middle Atlas.

This elimination of intermediaries allows me to buy at the right price and then to offer you... the right price.

An ethical mode of operation that allows me to make Berber carpets affordable but also to have total control over the remuneration of talented Berber carpet weavers.

A better balance between the artisan, you and me...

Discover my selection of Berber carpets here

Marion Pelouzet, the founder.


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