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Our tips for choosing the perfect piece for you


It is not always easy to decide on the size of a berber carpet for our interior. Round berber rug? Square berber rug ? Depending on the patterns, colors, shape, carpets greatly influence the atmosphere of a room. They can decorate your home and make your spaces much warmer. The berber carpets also allow a better soundproofing of your rooms, and even to keep the heat inside. The traditional berber carpets are perfect for this point because at the base they are not intended as a decorative element: the weavers make THEM in order to maintain the heat in their interiors. We give you in this article our tips for choosing the ideal size of berber carpet, but the only rule is: do as you please!

Criteria for choosing a carpet size 


In order to determine what size berber carpet to choose, you need to ask yourself some questions which are as follows:

  • What is the function of the room?

  • What is the size of the room?

  • Where and how is the furniture placed?

It is best to avoid buying a rug on impulse without asking questions about its size. A berber carpet that is too small in a very large space can get lost and not be emphasized, while a berber carpet that is too large for a small area can suffocate the room. It is always better to think ahead, take measurements to make your interior harmonious. We always advise you to choose a slightly larger berber carpet if you hesitate between two sizes.



How to choose the right size of carpet for your room ?


The advantage of a living room berber carpet is that it helps define the spaces in the room. Indeed, if you have a sofa and armchairs, covering them with a large berber carpet allows you to unite these pieces of furniture in a warm space. We recommend that you buy a berber carpet that is at least the size of your sofa, it is even better if it extends a little beyond it to really showcase the berber carpet and encompass the entire sofa. Wool berber carpets are recommended because when you remove your sofa it will return to its original shape. You can install one or more berber carpets in your room to differentiate living room and dining room for example.

For smaller rooms, opt for a smaller berber carpet so that the floor is still visible. It is best if the front legs of the sofa and seats are on the berber carpet.

  • Dining room rugs

For your dining room, the berber carpet you choose should fit the size of your dining table. The berber carpet should completely encompass the table and chairs to create a real dining space, which will be more pleasing to the eye. Kilim rugs are perfect for dining rooms because they are woven flat, which allows for easy removal of chairs and quicker cleaning. THEM has put together a special "How to clean your Berber carpet" article for you, which you can find by clicking on this link. If your table is round, opt for a round berber carpet to make it more harmonious!


  • Room berber carpets

Bedroom berber carpets give a real sense of warmth and comfort to the room and keep your feet warm when getting out of bed! Again, the size of your berber carpet will depend on the size of your room. For a very large room, go for a very large berber carpet that completely encompasses your bed, or even your nightstands. You can also "cut" the bed by placing your berber carpet halfway across it: only the front legs of the bed are on the berber carpet. Another alternative is corridor berber carpet : you can place 1, 2 or even 3 corridor berber carpet (one on each side of the bed) around your bed.

Children's rooms are also always more harmonious with a berber carpet. Choose playful patterns that you can find on colorful berber carpets, or small round berber carpets.

  • Corridor rugs

The corridor berber rug is a decorative object that we don't necessarily think of when we design our interior, and yet it can add character to a room that is not really one! Make sure that the doors can be opened without any problem with a berber carpet. You can also lay out several corridor berber carpets in a row for very long hallways. These corridor berber carpets are perfect for your entrances, it automatically makes the house/apartment feel warm from the first steps!

  • Custom made berber carpet

Sometimes it's hard to choose the right size berber carpet for your home. Finding the perfect size, the perfect pattern, the perfect color and the perfect material can be a real obstacle course. With THEM, creating a custom-made berber carpet is possible, and at a low price! If you've seen a Beni Ouarain, Azilal, Boujad, Boucherouite or Kilim rug on our e-shop but it's out of stock or the wrong size, contact us! If you have a model in mind and want to draw the pattern yourself: it is also possible. We make for you the Berber carpet of your dreams with your dimensions, your colors, your patterns by the weavers of the Moroccan mountains of the Middle Atlas with whom we collaborate. We accompany you in the imagination of your ideal berber carpet. Find our article "Buy a custom-made Berber carpet" by clicking on this link. We explain it all to you!


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