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3 steps for a berber carpet like new

You want to know how to clean a  ? We give you the 3 steps to follow to maintain and clean your berber carpet whatever its material, for a result as on the first day.

The Berber carpet is very resistant in time, but for that, it requires a regular maintenance. It is essential to maintain it with the right methods in order to keep it in its original state as long as possible. A regular cleaning allows to put back in shape the fibers of your Berber carpet by making THEM softer and more flexible. We give you here our tips to clean your berber carpet without risking to damage it.

During the first two months, it is normal for your berber carpet to lose wool fluff, just vacuum it up.

Knowing the material of your Berber carpet

Initially, it is important that you define what is the fiber of your carpet berber. Indeed, the Berber is a style of carpet. It can therefore be made of different materials.

Here are the different types of materials:

  • Nylon

It is very similar to wool, but is not water-resistant. Nylon is best cleaned using dry cleaning.

  • Wool

Wool berber carpets are more expensive but absorb water since wool is a natural fiber.

  • Olefin or Polyester

This is a synthetic material. It is ideal for steam cleaning because olefin resists water and attracts oil. It is also resistant to stains, which makes it the most economical material.

  • Triexta

This material has the same properties as wool but with better durability.

  • Blends

This is a mixture of different fibers (usually nylon and wool) that offers the softness of wool without the high price tag.

These materials are frequently used in the manufacture of Berber carpets, but they do not react in the same way to different cleaning products.

All THEM Berber carpets, except for the Boucherouite rugs which are antique rugs created from recycled fabrics, are made only from sheep's wool and are handcrafted on a traditional loom in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. 


Best practices to maintain and keep your Berber carpet clean over time

Surprisingly, a traditional Berber carpet is easy to maintain. It is important to keep in mind that these pieces full of history are not primarily intended to be a decorative object. Berber women weave THEM and use THEM as blankets or rugs for insulation. The exceptional quality of the weaving and the wool allows the Berber carpet to hold in time and to age very well. If you take care of it, you will be able to keep it all your life! Always start by dusting your berber carpet. To do this, simply tilt it vertically and tap it for a long time. You will see all the dust fly away!

After dusting, a good vacuuming on your Berber carpet will remove the last dirt before they are embedded in the fibers. Be careful not to rub too hard, avoid brushing mode, it may promote linting. The best way to clean your Berber carpet is by vacuuming in the direction of the pile.

  • The steam cleaner

Once a month, it is recommended to do a deep cleaning with steam. If you have a steam cleaner, do not hesitate to use it for your Berber carpet! You can also add a few drops of essential oils to your cleaning product to make your carpet smell great. Steam vacuum cleaners are very easy to use and do not contain any chemicals. The hot steam is enough to remove the encrusted dirt.

  • Dry cleaning powder

Dry cleaning powder for carpets is a less aggressive solution than steam cleaning. Simply sprinkle the powder on your Berber carpet, wait for the product to penetrate, then vacuum up any excess that has come to the surface. The disadvantage is that if you have a very large berber carpet, you will need a lot of powder to clean it.

  • Calling in a professional

In all cases, the best cleaning is done by a professional. Obviously, this has a cost, but you can be sure that your berber carpet will be cleaned with the right products and machines. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you need us to give you contacts specialized in carpet cleaning. 


How to remove stains from a Berber carpet ?

Often placed under a dining table or a coffee table, the Berber carpet does not escape the stains! Discover our tips to remove THEM as soon as possible without damaging your carpet. However, we advise you to always vacuum your berber carpet before removing the stains. It is very important to clean the stains as soon as possible to avoid that they become embedded in the carpet fibers.

  • Cold water

This is the most classic and simple method, but it allows most of the time to easily remove everyday stains.

  • Vegetal soap

This is the Moroccan technique that works wonderfully if your berber carpet is stained by sauce, coffee or chocolate for example. Sponge the stain and then make soft and circular movements with the soap to avoid damaging your berber carpet. The soap also makes your carpet whiter! Beni Ouarain rugs, which are often very light in color, can be scrubbed with vegetal soap and will regain their bright white color.

  • Warm water + white vinegar

This works very well on beer or alcohol stains for example.

  • Baking soda

This is a good technique for the most stubborn stains. You can also add soda water for maximum effectiveness.

  • Stain removers

Avoid detergents, use a special wool product instead.

After removing the stains, it is best to let your berber carpet dry in the sun in the open air! A berber carpet that is still wet could become a refuge for moths and not smell very good.

You now have all the keys in hand to maintain your colorful berber rug or black and white berber rug, whether it is an Azilal rug, a Boujad rug, a Kilim rug, a Boucherouite or a Béni Ouarain.


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