Vintage boucherouite rug purple blue and red
  • Vintage boucherouite rug purple blue and red

Vintage Boucherouite rug - 242 x 140cm


Vintage Boucherouite rug made with recycled fabrics and handmade on a traditionnal weaving loom in Morocco.

These Berber carpets are created in rural areas within modest families. The women recover fabrics, torn clothes, bits of wool, rags... and express their creativity with these recycled materials. The Boucherouite rug is never thought out in advance. The woman weaver invents it day by day. It is her emotions, her loves, her sorrows that guide her in the daily choice of new colors and patterns. These rugs are sublime on the floor but also on the wall as a painting !

This colorful berber rug has been made in more than 1 month.

Click on this link to discover the berber carpet handmade process

We don't offer the custom-made service for Boucherouite rugs because we only work with vintage Boucherouite rugs.

How to maintain a Boucherouite rug ?

This kind of carpet is the easiest to clean and to maintain, that's why they are the ones which can be on all the pieces of your home (kitchen, bathroon, living room, garden...)

You have to keep in mind that these pieces full of history are not primarily intended to be a decorative object. Berber women weave them and use them as blankets or rugs for insulation. The exceptional quality of the weaving and the wool allows the Berber carpet to last over time and to age very well. 

If you take good care of your Boucherouite rug, you can keep it all your life!

To maintain it, vacuum it regularly. If you can't shake it, turn it over for a few hours once a month and all the dust will fall out. In case of a stain, you should immediately tap it with a cloth soaked in water, often this is enough. If it doesn't work, add spirit vinegar or natural soap. 

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