At THEM, the only "stars" are the craftswomen and men, and their creations that are steeped in history. Too often left behind the scenes, I have designed THEM to place them centre stage.

Berber rugs…. A fair approach with a fair price.

Looking for a better balance, I restructured the sales channels of an item that I really care about. Berber rugs.

Every year, I make several trips to their source, the tiny Berber villages in the Middle Atlas mountains, in order to seek out for you Béni Ouarain rugs with their graphic shapes, Azilal rugs with their vibrant colours, some rare Boujad rugs… I work directly with the craftswomen of the beautiful Moroccan mountains, and have eliminated the middlemen.

My goal? To offer you a fair price.

An ethical way of working, which I believe is essential when you are dealing with craftsmanship. But also, more equitable for the craftswomen, for you and for me.

But in addition… Rare and exclusive handcrafted artefacts.

In addition to the well-known and much-loved Berber rugs, I have explored some untravelled roads in far-flung corners of the planet, to unearth some other rare, handcrafted artefacts for you.

Amazing meetings in small towns throbbing with life, or in local villages off the beaten track, long creative discussions which yielded shared plans and desires. Pooling skills and knowledge, with a single guiding principle: preserving authentic traditional production, introducing modernity in the designs.

Vases plaited by natives of the Amazon basin, a reinterpretation of pre-Columbian art in sublime jewels, bohemian ceramics from Los Angeles, vegetable incense from the rich Amazon basin, indigo cushions woven in Mali, and more.

A range of decorations and accessories made from natural materials with unparalleled skill.

To complete my product range, I wanted to offer you the quintessence of cosmetics. A brand with an exemplary approach and list of ingredients, 100% plant-based. Its approach totally redefines the standards for the industry and raises the bar for beauty. Through this, I want to convince you that nature offers everything we need.

I wanted to give back meaning to the term “craftsman/craftswoman”.

One of my goals in setting up THEM was to give back meaning to the term “craftsman/craftswoman”.

Today, being hand-made does not always mean quality or ethical production. In India, for example, numerous “craftsman factories” exist. Items created on a hand-made production line, working under very poor conditions. Made very cheaply by hand, and more profitably than investing in machines. Hand-made, yes, but taking a factory approach. A hand-made label which is then publicised and exploited for marketing purposes. 

Hand-made yes, but unethical.

For THEM, I seek out the craftsmen and women in all the little family workshops, who are passionate about their skills. Very often, they have learned their trade from their parents, and intend to pass it on to their children.

My aim is to become involved, at my own level, in preserving these inherited skills.

The indigenous peoples of Colombia, the women weavers of Morocco, the dyers of Mail, all these people have golden hands, and are too often forgotten, pushed aside.

With THEM my goal is to move them back centre stage.