Handmade berber rugs
In the mountains of the Middle-Atlas
100% sheep wool
Treated before sending to Paris
Fair trade
A direct collaboration with artisans

An affordable berber rug ? Yes it is possible ! All our selection is from 150 to 490euros.

Berber rugs…. A fair approach with a fair price.

Looking for a better balance, I restructured the sales channels of an item that I really care about. Berber carpets.

Every year, I make several trips to their source, the tiny Berber villages in the Middle Atlas mountains, in order to seek out for you Béni Ouarain rugs with their graphic shapes, Azilal rugs with their vibrant colours, some rare Boujad rugs… I work directly with the craftswomen of the beautiful Moroccan mountains, and have eliminated the middlemen.

My goal? To offer you a fair price.

An ethical way of working, which I believe is essential when you are dealing with craftsmanship. But also, more equitable for the craftswomen, for you and for me.

At THEM, all the Berber rugs have price tags of between EUR 150 and EUR 490. From the smallest to the largest! No exceptions.

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