Definitely possible at an attractive price with THEM.

Looking for something specific?

You fell in love with a Béni Ouarain, Azilal or Boucherouite Berber carpet on our e-shop but it is now out stock or is just not the right size for you ?

We will have the Berber carpet of your dreams made just for you, with the dimensions, the colors, the patterns you want, by the women weavers of the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco.

We will dream with you to prepare the design for your perfect berber carpet.

For made-to-order, our prices are just as attractive as those for the rugs on sale on our e-shop. They depends on the size and on the design.

The average time to completion is from 1 to 6 months. This may vary, depending on the size and complexity of the Berber rug you have chosen.

To request a quotation and a precise delivery time, contact marion@them.fr

All my Azial, Beni Ouarain and Kilim berber rugs are handmade on some traditionnal weaving loom in the Atlas berber mountains from Morocco.

You can discover the handmade weavig process on the film below :