To participate, within my capacity, in continuing ancient traditional know how...

I created THEM to participate in preserving ancient traditional craftmanship in my small way. I ventured into still unexplored paths in the 4 corners of the planet and have met talented artisans to uncover rare artisanal creations for you. The women weavers of berber carpet with the fingers of fairy of the mountains of the Middle Atlas, the basket weavers of Indonesia, the indigenous people of Columbia and their sculpted wood creations, Indigo dyeing of Mali, the ceramists of Spain, Portugal, Italy…

Unique pieces with history behind them. A story woven from the know-how of their artisans, their processes of very traditional and 100% artisanal creations, and from their symbolism. A knowledge that needs to be protected and brought to light.

I embarked on this mission 4 years ago. Now THEM collaborates with more than 300 Berber weaves of Morocco, a dozen European ceramists, aboriginals from the 4 corners of the world.


As much as possible I prefer to buy directly from the source without middlemen. Regularly during the year, i embark on a sourcing trip to Morocco to meet the weaver women with whom i collaborate, and also to various country to search for new talents. Undoubtedly the most exciting part of my profession !

To me, meeting the artisans is essential when we offer handicrafts. To know more about their craftmanship, learn their symbolism, the story hidden behind a creation. Share their passion.

Knowledge that enrich me which i can then share with you through THEM.

Fair price...

The concept of THEM is based on a fair price policy through the year for the artisans, you and me.

I feel that it is imperative to consume less but better. That it is wiser and in the end more profitable to invest in quality which is synonymous with durability. That it is necessary to buy things that we really like without being influenced by the frenzy of discount sales. I think that it is important for a client to know the real value of a product without feeling like a cash cow when we buy for the full price.

I don’t like the idea that the hard-work of my talented artisans be bargained with. Some brands can afford sell at 50% off and still make huge profits. That is not my case.

While creating THEM i preferred to reduce my margin and offer you a range of products at fair price from January to December!

To venture further into the ethical approach...

To go deeper in to the ethical approach and to support people with whom my relationship is very special, the Berber people, as you can see, i have created my own association, Sharing by THEM.

Year 2022 will be interspersed with various charity activities for supporting the people of the Berber mountains in need.

Some examples :

Every month, a “Sustainable rug” will be offered to you for sale. 100% of the profits made from this sale will be converted to a charity hamper (personal care products, blankets, food) and distributed to the families of the remote Berber villages in Morocco.

In collaboration with the school MJM Graphic Design of Toulouse and Lille, we have designed two colour books inspired from the Berber world.

We will offer 100 books to the Aïda association. It will help children and adolescents with cancer. In Aïda, the volunteers are less than 18 years old. An association created and managed by youth and active in hospitals to give company and entertain the youth who have cancer and who pass most of their day at the hospital and for whom their days are monotonous. 

100 more books are also on sale on our site All the profit will go to out association «Sharing by THEM» and then converted to charity hamper and distributed to the families in need in the remote Berber villages of Morocco.

Discover all the selection here.