In order to launch the weaving of a custom made rug, a first payment of the third (if the customer chose a payment in 3 times) or of the half (if the customer chose a payment in 2 times) is required. Once the custom made rug will be done, the last payment will be required before the delivery?

For custom made orders, a return with a refund is not possible if the product corresponds to the request. A second and new model will be launched for the customer according to its new desires. A second option is to exchange the rug with a model in stock on our eshop.

All our berber rugs are handmade on a traditional weaving loom in the middle atlas mountains from Morocco. To handmade two 100% identical models is technically impossible. So the colors and the designs could not be exactly the same but the custom made rug will be very very similar. The size could be 10cm more or less than what you asked for.