THEM is a selection of handmade objects from the 4 corners of the planet but it is also and above all a universe. One eye. One personality. 

I don't draw my inspiration from magazines but from my travels. I like to find unique items that have a story. Objects that give soul to your home. I like imperfection. I like natural materials and playing with light. I like when the decoration gives you a smell of elsewhere, almost of being on holiday. It's my keen eye, my address book of pretty ethical brands and concept stores, the expertise of Alice, architect and interior designer, that I want to share with you through this decorating advice service.

The "THEM deco tips" formula.

For those who need another perspective, good decorating ideas to furnish or rethink a room or an entire living space. Here, we work hand in hand with you.

The steps:

- We book a telephone or physical meeting depending on your location to discuss your decoration desires and needs, also to make a list of the objects you already have and wish to keep, and finally to define your budget.

- We imagine Moodboards inspired by your desires, to help you define a world that will suit you.

- You validate the Moodboard that best reflects your desires and your future world.

- In accordance with the selected Moodboard, we deliver a folder including:

- A mood collage (of the space(s) to be redecorated) that will allow you to project yourself into your new atmosphere.

- A suggestion for a colour palette / colour chart

- Also a shopping list of THEM furniture and deco objects and other favourite brands.$

Pricing :

550 euros for the first room

From 250 per additionnel room.

To contact us :